Chinese Peeing Spy Cam Chico

Thick Shit Hurt Me

I just eating a pizza and suddenly I felt heaviness in the abdomen. I start off with you beneath me as I drop a hot, steamy pile of shit right into your mouth. I sigh with satisfaction, it’s refreshing every time I get to feed you. You jerk off using my shit as lube, and to bring up a handful and stuff your mouth with it–keep your mouth open, my toilet. Don’t eat it yet. I just want you to show me your shit-filled mouth… It’s so nice, isn’t it?


Hot baby is sexy pooping in sexy panties,cumming,peeing,in sexy red dress and high heels!

Hot Outfit And Long Sausage Shitting With Face

I put on my hot white outfit, to my heels. The string is pulled to the side and I just go shit. Here you can look me in the face like, where you can not avert your eyes safe from the long hot sausage 😉