Cry Pain Piss

Lick My Filthy Asshole

So you’ve come crawling back? You crawling on your knees right back to me… and hungry, for me to feed you… Beg me to pay attention to you, use your tongue to beg me–that’s right, lick the ring of my asshole and taste what I’ve got in store for you… what you’re starving for… now open wide mouth as I’m shits all over you! Look at how filthy my asshole is now… Clean me up? You’re hungry for your lunch? You can find it in my shithole. Say Thank You Mistress, for feeding me. Tell me how much you love it and need to eat my shitty ass and make it clean for me!

Scat Play With My Clothes

A really horny desire of a user.I should make a nice big shit and then put on and put on – beautiful smear – my whole clothes, they tear, they tear – with my shoes in the shit play – you like hornyProduced by Suzan and Marc


Sexy blonde is hot running shit in sexy panties and ordering you to clean her shitted feet, hands and ass!

Shitting 5 Horny Fat Sausages

As a Full-length and close-up you get 5 of my first sausages front of the camera to see. There are really big things that I squeeze out.