Danny Pooping

The Clinic Of Doom! – Part 2

He pressed her butt cheeks to get her ready. He could already smell the tiny farts that were a tell-tale sign of the beauty that was about to follow. When she opened her anus a little to reveal a little of her fresh poo, the therapist knew that she was a good catch. The brown poo looked and smelled a bit like coffee, and there was enough of it to cover a third of the basin. He wanted to lick the small bits of shit off her hole and fuck her right then and there.

Young Alina Pooping In Car – Close-up 20

Young Alina pooping in car – close-up 20

The Queen To The Family Slave Shit In Your Mouth

Slaves to do the queen’s toilet, drink urine queen eat shit

Mistress Gaia – Do You Want My Pussy?

Are you ready slaves to enjoy your Mistress Gaia?Today I have a special surprise for you, not just my poop …I also have a bit of my delicious white nectar…