Domination Mistress Pissacm

Lady Sabrina And Slaves P3

First Mistress Michelle pisses through a funnel into the mouth of a slave. What goes wrong will of course be licked. Lady Sabrina and Lady Tina are very active after that and have fun treating one of the slaves. They whip and trample the slave. Lady Sabrina takes off her panties, puts them in the mouth of the slave and slaps him. Then Lady Tina clips a slave’s nipple. He moans and grimaces in pain.

Mistress Gaia Oceanic Crap

An oceanic quantity of shit is going to bury you! You will be completely submerged by a sea of shit. Contemplate, on your knees, how much shit my beautiful ass can produce. Get lost in this immensity!………

Scat Slut Training

Setting on all fours like a bitch my master gives me a dog food to eat … He pisses and shit in my bowl and fills this mixture in my mouth and pushs with a dildo and his dick …. He Fucks and fist my dirty ass … He spits me in the face, in the mouth, insults me, humiliates me, it excites me enormously … Completely soiled, my dirty gaping ass, I suck his Dick and he cum in my mouth of bitch …