Eepthroat Vomit Iss

Shit In Shoes3

I really want to shit. on my shoes. I take off my shoes and start to shit right into my shoes. this can be seen close-up. now I smear shit at my feet

Professor Eating The Feces Of Submissive Students! – Full Movie

It is a weekend and this man is in the middle of tutoring two schoolgirls. Shortly after starting, he gets bored and orders them to stand! The ladies immediately comply, apparently, they are willing to do anything the man asks of them! He takes advantage of this and proceeds to lift up their skirt and finger fuck their pussies! Eventually, he stops, but only to make the sweethearts finger fuck each other! When he gets satisfied, he orders them to end whatever they’re doing. He then one-by-one unbuttons their top and pulls out their tits! To further give him the satisfaction of domination, he scribbles and writes all over their chest along with squeezing their tits! Eventually, he penetrates their asshole and makes them defecate! He then picks up their feces from the floor and serves it inside his mouth as well as smears it all over his face! Only stopping when he quenches his fetish!



See Me Stand And Pee From The Side!

I lower myself sideways above the toilet to stand and pee giving you a view of my lush,amazing thighs and ass!