Farts When Fisted

Big Stinkers

2 scenes of big booty TM dropping some heavy stinkers in the toilet in one scene and another in her bath tub. If you are interested in ordering TM’s actual dumps contact us

Mistress Roberta -clean My Socks And Ass Before Breakfast

Today my pot will have great breakfast before actually eating he will feel all kind of strong tastes first my sweat from my old socks and after the sweaty ass taste to be licked clean before and after breakfast and finally i pee on his face and shit in his mouth pushing down the shit with my hand so he can swallow better and even push it by foot, enjoy.

New Slave Allowed Out Of His Hole To Drink Sweet Juice!

This new toilet slave is allowed temporaily out of his hole to consume the golden nectar from another total stranger and visitor to the public human toilet. He is given a funnel to hold into his mouth and then he is able to consume every bit without spilling a drop!