Fetish Piss Indian

Oxana Huge In Nylons

Oxana is pooping huge messy shit in tight nylons.

O`zapft Is! Horny Shit And Piss In The Dirndl!

Just in time for the opening of the Wiesn, I also get up, in a Sexy Dirndl, to the Oktoberfest. Of course, to have fun, there! That’s why I wear horny extreme boots and I have of course no panties, under my extremely short dirndl. But before I go on the slopes, I suddenly had to shit and piss. I would have liked to make public there. But until then, I could not stand it. So I have perched on the stairs and first horny pooped and then beautifully pissed off! Who would like to really enjoy my delights, according to the motto O`zapft is! – Rosella opens its doors!?! Just contact me!

Drink My Pee Slave – 7

I love to see my worm drinking my pee… And he must swallow all!This time for helping him I put a funnel in his mouth 😉

Mistress Roberta – Breakfast Jar – Pov

Today i am preparing your food in the breakfast jar i first pee a bit then shit next i mix the two and after i wipe my ass i put the paper in and mix it even better so when the paper is one with the shit and pee there is your delicious breakfast the first minute is a bit blurry but the rest of the video is great