Fuck My Wife When Pissed

Scat Ass And Sparkly Unicorn Poop – Double Feature (avi)

This is a double Clip.. First clipIn this clip, which was by request…I sit down and let you see my private moments in the shitter.The views are not multi, but hey, i was in a fucking hurry.. but I let yo nasty ass watch me anyway.You watch as I quickly sit down then stand up and poop just plops into the toilet.. you love it like that..and after wards, I wipe and show to you.. don’t forget to sniff.. After I wipe, I realize that I ran out of tissue and that I wiped my ass quite sloppy..its just smeard on the top of each of my ass cheeks.. you asked me to squat down so that you can see what you will be cleaning with your tonguebut I only show you a little, the rest, you will have to earn. EnjoySecond clip- Sparkly Unicorn Poop – I had just used the bathroom, and couldnt hold it any longer..my favorite Sugar Sub asked me tomake a clip of me desperately pooping…and after a hearty dinner, I couldnt hold it..so I went to the bathroom in the first clip and afterward a little tissue got stuck to my ass, unknow to myself.. and when I came to poopbefore you it all just came running out like a horse… just plop plop plop..it was so much i had to show youand so I do in slow motion.. poop is so sparkly and shiny that it reminds of unicorn poop with out all the colorbut all the sparkle

Humiliation His Lover

I have this stupid sluts, his lover! II reduced it and she cant move. Now I will punish HER lover unside my brownie! Then she will go through in my toilet!She will eat a lot of my brownie, I put her head between my buttocks, I am doing directly to her head brownie.Her face, is all in my brownie. I laughs at her, I feel excitement, punish her! At the very end she lands in my closet, she choking on my brownie!

Goddess Andreea – Ashtray And Full Scat Playing

THIS IS BEST SCAT CLIP UNTIL NOW WITH Goddess Andreea !! She recorded her 8-th movie with full scat playing this time ! After her long vacation, as you see she’s back again to use and humiliate her human toilets ! Tonight she call her toilet and announce him that she is full of shit and ready to fill his mouth at maxximum. First she use her toilet mouth for her cigarette, and make it her ashtray. Then she put him on his back on her floor and order him to keep his mouth open wide to receive all her waste, directly into the potty. She use a dildo and gloves to begin to play and shove all her shit into his throat, gagiing him with that and oglige him to swallow the filth ! She also wrap hiis face and letting him alone to savour her Royal kaviar. ! She was again so perverse and bizarre today and she love to see how their human toilets becomes just a potty mouth for her daily dirty needs. EPIC movie with full scaty playing and eating and gagging ! Almost suffocated in human waste !!