Gay And Shitting

Mutual Love For Shit. Part 1

Seriously. One of my favorite movies. The movie in which I firtly felt incredible desire for eating shit, filling my stomach with is and making really mad sinfull sex with my parthner.I want to share this experience and make you feel what I felt in this moment, incredible atmosphere full of shitty air in the room. Our bodies, smeared again and again with endless loads of saved shit and our own shit among it. Feeling shitty cock inside, in month, on my face… Such moments full of relaxing and feelings that evertyhing is allowed – they are worth living.

Goddess Bella 8.

Goddess Bella abuses and degrades her tranny toilet slut Sandy, and takes a big shit into the sissy open mouth, the clip closes in on the slut with it’s mouth packed full with Goddess Bella’s shit !!Sandy lays on it’s back jerking off in Bella’s shit, eating and sucking it, as Goddess Bella verbally abuses her toilet pig, as the sissy masturbates itself,now covered in shit with turds filling it’s whore mouth. Goddess Bella takes toilet slut Sandy into her bathroom watching the whore suck on a big turd with the cock covered in shit, Sandy masturbates itself in all the filth until the sissy orgasms.

Mistress Roberta – Morning Kaviar And Pee

Today my personal slave gets again way too much scat and pee than he can handle so again he cannot eat everything so i am very disturbed with that and tell him to not ask for more if he is not capable of eating so i mennance him to not feed him anymore.