Gay Poo Shit Cat Piss

Mistress Gaia – Feeds Her Slave

A video truly unique: without any fiction stage, I feed my slave with my warm shit. All true, authentic! And, finally, the slave will have to lick even the plate. For scenes of authentic coprophilia, the video is only recommended to lovers of the genre.

Order For The Toilet Slave 4 Liza

Order for the toilet slave 4 Liza! Toilet slave turned to our studio to buy shit of the girls. He did not want to take part in the shoot, but wanted to enjoy the taste of shit girls. He waited downstairs while the girls were preparing gifts for him! He asked the girls not to see him, he just wanted to take the shit and leave – his request was fulfilled! So he asked that the girls were with the balls, looked beautiful and very tightly ate the day before. The girls had to look at the camera and humiliate him verbally!

Photoshooting And Toilet Slavery With 2 Slaves

Today Mistress had a great idea : to make a photoshooting with her 2 toilet slaves. She call them and they were ready to pose for her, pose her and worship her in any way she like. She change many outfits while shooting and also use a small strapon and a huge strapon fucking her sluts or order her slaves to fuck each other and suck cocks. She feel so good humiliating them in this way . ..she makes them hard just teasing them with her body and catsuits . . . .Superb long action in a threesome ended with shit on both slaves and cumming while sucking cock !!!

Ms D Is About To Explode!! Pt 1

Ms D Is Back again with 20 more minutes of Desperate Explosions!! Enjoy as she can barely get her pants down in these Four scenes. Enjoy as she litterally starts exploding with farts from the moment thse gets her pants and panties down! Then once she plops that big ole ass down on the bowl she litterally bursts open with some serious Sharts, megalogs, and even some intense Diarrhea in one clip!! Ms D Lit it up in these clips and this is just the first part!! This is one whose ass blasts are as monsterous as you would expect from a 5?10 Amazon woman!!