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Training A New Recruit In A Messy Scat Galore! – Full Movie

This Mean Mistress is hardcore in training her new recruit! In this particular first episode she decided to crush some food and fruits and smear it all over her new pet as she pisses on her mouth and slowly sitting on her face suffocating her and making her out of breath. She then farted on her face and out her wet shit all over the new slave’s face! Poor female slave she is having a messy hair day!

Jacky & Rosella,piss Each Other In The Mouth!lust,on Champagne!

I was to visit with my girlfriend Jacqueline (Jacqueline-x). We both had to piss. And because we not only like to swallow men`s piss, but also women`s piss, we went to the bathroom and have pissed each other in the mouth! Women pee`s already something delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Baked For My Toilet Slave!

Here I bake delicious chocolate chip cookies for my toilet slave. After I baked the cookies I garnish it with my hot shit as chocolate glaze! Will you ever lighten my delicious biscuits, with my hot shit as chocolate coating, taste. Then come to me, I am always on the lookout for everything guzzling toilet slave!