Girl Poops On Herself While Twerking

Eat My Creamy Shit

My living toilet opened its mouth underneath me. Soft velvety turd out of my ass slides him right in the throat, the mouth overflows, the slave can no longer take it… Today I shit with my asshole right in the mouth and we are a slave girl making him to eat the whole thing. And then… I checked the depth of his throat! I think after a little training he will be able to swallow a real dick

Backpackers Got Lost And Desperately Needs To Shit! – Full Movie

They were walking around town when they made a wrong turn and got lost. By nightfall, they have to take shelter in a strange house that seems empty. Unable to use a bathroom all throughout the day, they are more than ready to unload the shit they’ve been holding on to for hours. So they squat on the strange bathroom to piss and scat away their tiredness.

Ready For Miss Cherie

I commanded a slave to come here, because Miss Cherie needs a toilet. As soon as he is there, she puts her butt over his open mouth. First he gets a powerful beam of pee in his face, followed by a neat portion of shit. A bit too much for the stupid slave, but Miss Cherie feels relieved, allowing the loser to eat the rest of it from the ground.

Femdom Piss Party 07

Lets go to the next round, next beauties humilating a slave lets piss again