Girl Poops Public

Chanelle Pooping

My female slave Chanelle is at it again and this time she is pooping for you! Three different poops, from a firm one, to soft & nasty but the best one was a wet, explosive poop with loads of wet and loud farts. You don’t want to miss my female slave filming herself pooping for you! :-)Don’t forget to check out all my other fetish related clips in my store xoxo

Yusei’s Honey Goo Enema – Part 2

Yusei on the other hand, was already bent down hard, being plugged with a thick rubber pipe herself. Her ass felt like it was on fire as they continued reaming it with the unforgiving rubber tubing. After a massive inoculation of honey goo and shitting hard, Yusei could smell her innards and pee as her pussy squirted repeatedly as the men pounded her hard, one at a time.

The Yellow Tide! Men Horde Vs 2 Piss-sluts! Part 1

Here I and my girlfriend Loly, of a male horde, were used as Living Piss Basin. They all pissed us in our greedy swallowing mouths and we both swallowed the whole piss of the 12 men. Loly and I also gave us hot piss kisses and made piss swapping. Two of the men wanted to fill us not only with piss but wanted us also inject into our faces and sluts mouths! And so they injected us also two full loads of cum in the mouth and face. Then Loly and I gave each other horny cum kisses and did cum swapping! Here in the first part pissed us, the first 6 guys in our mouths and one, squirted us, his sperm in our faces and mouths!

Huge Smelly Shit

I tied a slave and spanked him. I ordered him to suck my heels and enjoy the process of cleaning my shoes. And I played with his cock and made him lick my pretty legs. Next I will use my toilet slave mouth. He liked such breakfast. He should eat this, or he will stay with my shit in his mouth until he swallows it all to the last bit! I know that this is cruelly, but I do not care If he wants the attention of Mistress, he must learn to be a good toilet for me! This is also true for each toilet slave! You must be able to swallow my shit quickly and easily if you want to serve as a permanent toilet for me!