Girl Shiting On The Pizza Box

Enchantress Rhea’s Tummy Tumult!!

The Enchantress is back at it!! Enchantress Rhea’s Tummy was giving her fits in these two scenes. Her pain = your gain!! Enjoy as she prepares a delicious plate of brown goods in the first clip. She squats her big ass down and releases a load right over the plate. In the 2nd scene, she was still having tummy troubles. She ate some ribs and “they got my tummy on 10!” as she says, lol. She sits down to take a FUNKY Dump. Had her fanning herself!! Another two hot clips from Enchantress Rhea!!

Little Droppings

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk into the bathroom totally naked and sit on the toilet. I tell you how badly I need the toilet while I pee. Then I turn around and put the camera on the floor behind me, so you’re looking straight up at my round ass. Then I start shitting. I am a meat-eater and a meat-lover, but for some reason, this is a vegetarian-style poop. More like dry round droppings than my usual moist long logs. When I’m finished I show you my asshole and the little droppings on the floor.

Living Toilet Mouth, Full Pooped And Peed! Shit Eating Deluxe!

And the next toilet slave who wanted to serve me as a living loo and swallowed my shit as well as swallowed my piss! Since the slave, in the traffic jam, had stood and therefore came later, I had powerful pressure in the ass.Have my Divine shit, still stopped until the slave was there. Therefore, my shit was extremely hard, what the slave still felt. After the slave was ready, I sat down with my asshole on his mouth. It did not last long, and I pooped him a fat, It did not last long and I pooped him a fat and firm shit sausage, into his mouth! Then I ordered him to eat my shit. Since this, as I said, was very hard, it lasted until he had eaten the first half. To eat the other half of my shit faster, I crouched over the slave`s mouth again and pissed him a fat load of piss, into his mouth filled with shit. The whole time I made fun of him and humiliated him! That you see from 3 camera setting! And also horny close-ups !!

Take A Breath Shit – Hd Version

Each evening, I have a real big shit. I also have a permanent toilet slave, and every day I shit in his mouth. This time I fed the slave dinner from my ass. He was very pleased and happy to eat all my shit. Remember, stupid bitch, now your mouth is a toilet for me and your tongue is a toilet paper.