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Couple Shares The Same Fetish: Poop Eating! – Part 2

The couple moves on to quench their next fetish so the guy lies down on the floor. Without further ado, the sweetheart gets on top of him and defecates inside his mouth! He then chews and makes everything disappear in no time! She didn’t give him all her poop though, instead, she spared some on her hands which she consumes herself! With her dirty palms, she proceeds to smear poop all over the guy’s dick and then begins stroking it! She then later follows it with a footjob! While in the middle of doing so, she defecates again! This time, she serves all of it inside her mouth and then passes it to the man’s for him to swallow! After which, she serves her feces-covered fingers and toes to the guy for him to lick clean! By the time he is done, she resumes with sucking his dick, only stopping after he cums inside her mouth!

Pooping Compilation 4

8 minutes 29 seconds of some great big poops, watching that beautiful young woman poop, sexy poops, jerking onto her ass while she poops

Piss Infusion, In The Public Sauna!

In my vacation I was in a public sauna, of course I had to beautiful and striking piercing, so the guys in the sauna, horny to be me and see that I am a tabulose bastard. Because I had to pee urgently, as I sat in the 90 ° sauna, and I am looking for nasty and extreme things, I simply pissed several times in the infusion-trowel and this poured onto the sauna heater. A horny and very aromatic infusion! Well, who wants in the sauna with me?