Girl Tastes Her Poop

Brazilian Fox 9

The Brazilian Fox starts off this clip by asking if you want to see her poop again. She strips to some music, then turns around for a close-up of her asshole while shitting.

World Premiere! Harley Shits A Slave, The First Time In The Mouth!

Here I have with my cuties Teeny-girlfriend Harley-24 together shitting a slave in the mouth and pissing! It was for my friend Harley the first time she shit someone in the mouth. We both have the slave beautifully filled with our delicacies, one after the other. Since much of our shit and piss had landed on the floor, the slave had to slurp and eat everything from the ground. And when he ate our shit, too slowly, we spanked his ass so he could eat all our shit faster! All this you see again from 3 camera angles! Harley and I will now often turn horny Toilet Slavery and KV videos together. More slaves, are welcome to contact us!

Sugar Hill’s Pooting, Peeing, And Plopping!!

Sugar Hill is back for more!! Enjoy as she brings a nice mix of toilet action. Over a Half dozen clips of peeing, pooting, and Ploppage!!! Enjoy as she spreads that massive ass in several scenes reverse kanga style to show the plops shooting out in the bowl. In a few enjoy as she puts that big booty right up in front the camera to let out some big farts!!!

Liquid Shit In Your Mouth

You dream of getting my brown chocolate and my delicious champagne right in your mouth? Then this video is just right for you.You may lick me a little. Then I urge you to open your mouth and serve you my creamy shit and my piss right in your mouth. Of course you have to clean me afterwards.That does not quite work out yet, but practice finally makes the master.You can wank your cock. With this taste and smell experience, your pleasure is limitless.