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Mistress Gaia – My Ass Needs To Be Cleaned!

This pantyhose is to be thrown away, but it can still be useful: I fill it with crap and order my slave to lick it! Then I take it off, and of course, my ass is filthy. But there is no problem: my slave will be happy and honored to clean it with his tongue. Finally, I pick up the shit that has remained in my pantyhose and I fill the mouth of the slave with it. Then, see what happens …

Katherine’s Butthole Play And Plops & Thuds!!

I swear if you are Sleeping on Katherine, consider this clip the WAKE UP!!! Like Larry Fishburne in School Daze out this mothafucka!! Good lord this honey is off the chain. In three ultra hot clips enjoy as she Farts, Pees, Plops and even ‘massages’ herself in a special way!! In the first clip, she’s feeling a tad constipated and decided she’s gonna have to ‘dig deep’ to pull these logs out!! Enjoy as she fingers her ass. Afterwards? Floodgates OPEN!!! Enjoy these three Juicy Clips – She’s serving notice to the other ladies that she’s headed to the T -O -P with each new clip!!

Lesbian Scat

Susan and Maisy have very dirty Afternoon with Asslicking kissing and a lot of Scat.