Guy Girl Sprays Shit On Guy

Messy Socks And Sneakers

Smashing hot shit in wool socks,in sneakers,clean my dirty,messy socks and sneakers!

Some Piss In The Break Second Cam

We had to break the clip we wanted to shoot becuse Princess Roxy needed to pee. Sure she give all her piss to the slave.

Face Prison Shit Game No Defense Possible

What a pleasant shit when the face underneath can not move away. Cherie and I sit comfortably over his open mouth and poop on his skull. Our piss he had to swallow while his head was completely covered with shit.Simply nice to have a defenseless face for play and torture. We had much fun to ram him the shit with dildos into his throat. He whined and puked, but no matter for us. So much defenselessness we just had to use for our fun.