He Shits Then Anal

Bathroom Incident

Fuck you Steven! Nobody speaks with me like that!Do you know what?! I shit onto your bathroom’s floor and YOU will clean it!

Mistress Roberta – Underneath My Ass View-pov

Today i take the filming cam on my hand and i start to show you underneath my ass view of pooping and peeing, preparing your daily breakfast and you should see as close it can be so you can open the mouth wide open and get the shit and the pee directly into your mouth dreamming you are underneath my ass to get the special breakfast.

Poop & Pissing In The Fsh For Micha

Yes, now it’s finally happened: your tights today finally zugekackt and with my NS decorated 🙂 Look at how I, naked, shit in the FSH and piss, now and then I air the tights, the you to look at the pile can 🙂

Two Human Toilets For Lisa

Lady Lisa phone with Mistress Michelle, which immediately sends another toilet slave because Lisa still much more to shit . Lisa is a bit annoyed, because the toilet slave comes too late and so she firstonce punish the slave. She fucks the slave with a strap on deeply till he moans. after that he has to lick the strap on clean and do a short blowjob. Now its time to shit in his mouth. Again and again a sausage plops into his mouth, which he immediately chews and swallows. Lady Lisa is very comfortable and squeezed the last remnants of her ass accompanied by some moans. It is just the way a lady sitting on the toilet and shitting, – ).