Hinese Poops In Public

2018-10-12 Princess Mia. Pov Toilet Slavery

2018-10-12 Princess Mia. POV Toilet SlaveryPrincess Mia. POV Toilet Slavery

The Mistress Shit And Pisses In The Hand Of The Toilet Slave

Mistress Giorgia continues her training to have at her disposal a complete toilet …Today, the lucky slave is kneeling in front of the crib where the Mistress is sitting waiting to get caught. The hand of the toilet slave is put under the ass so as to pick up the Mistress’s shit. Soon his hand is full of shit and the Mistress starts to enjoy himself before smelling the shit to his slave, and after the hand is pushed on the slave’s face, which is full of shit. The Mistress enjoys much to keep the face of the dirty slave of shit inside the toilet

Japanese Young Gal Hard Scat 2-11

There is a cute Japanese gal will challenge hard scat play.

Diarrhea Into Throat – Toilet Become Sick

Today Mistress was back again at her kinky desires, after a long period of inactivity !! She needed to humiliate hard one of her toilets and she was thinking at a huge big dildo for the toilet asshole. She push it deep into his ass to stretch his ass to the limit then she pissing on him and verbal abuse him. For the best part, she was just preparing inside her a nice and huge load of Diarrhea, all into his throat directly, after many days without any human toilets beside her. She order her slave to cumming until he eat all her Diarrhea, cause else he will be not allowed to cumm anymore ! Great show again from Goddess