Hitscat Shit Eating

Comfortable Poop Eating Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Fisting And Farting My Shitty Ass

You like to see deep inside my dirty ass dont you? ok well I’m going to stretch my ass really wide open with my fist so you can see all the shit I have waiting to push out into your mouth. In the process I get very dirty and I make some really big wet farts for you.

Footfeeding The Toilet Slave

Here the Slave is getting fed some major Portions of Poop and then is getting punished with our Feet until he consumes all of the Poop. English Subtitles

Ariel Shits For U

Hey shit fan, I just made YOU a really great SHIT clip. It features me, Ariel, and I talk a little about the hot steamy shit that comes outta my ass. Not to worry, I drop a bunch of olive sized shits on to a plate. Plop,plop,plop and the one HUGE BROWN SHIT. Check it out….