Hotel Pee Ping

Queen Sylvy’s Nasty Mudbutt!!

Queen Sylvy sent me this FUNKY clip last night and I couldn’t even wait to slap a watermark on it and put it out for mass consumption!! This is easily one of her FUNKYiest loads so far!! Looks like something she ate didn’t agree with her Tummy. Sylvy begins by quickly sitting down, spreading her ass and asshole wide open to let out an immediate wet fart. I swear I want to stick my face square in her ass after watching this clip!! After a minute or so of straining and pushing, the floodgates opened!! A constant stream of diarrhea followed. Some of these bursts shot out like a cannon and splashed all over the toilet seat!!! She was literally sitting in her own mix of toilet water back splash and diarrhea juicy at one point! LMAO Sylvy was feeling so nasty after this 8 minute barrage of bubbleguts and mudbutt (with a TON of peeing also mixed in!), Her ass was literally on fire!! she had to use her bidet to clean her dirty ass and asshole. To make it more fun, enjoy as she sticks both index fingers in her butthole, bending over and spreading wide to show you how nice and neat she just got her FUNKY ass!! This is the most FUNKY clip yet from Sylvy!! Stop Sleeping on the Queen!!

Toilet Bowls Do Get The Best Views Of Scat, Ever! – Non

Don’t you just wish you’re a lowly toilet bowl? The porcelain throne gets the best view of shitting, no question. If you have scat fetish, you will envy this blow-by-blow account of how this cute housewife unloads her crap on the shitter. She sits on the bowl and takes a piss and then she pushes her asshole muscles to eject chunks of scrap into the bowl. Oh, don’t you just wish you’re a toilet bowl even for just one day!

Quickie Choco

A quick chocolate treat with help from a dildo