Human Toilet Poop And Pee

Shit And Pee In The Glasses

The bizarre Mistress Giorgia Divina prepares a nice meal for the toilet slave.How lucky is the toilet slave!A nice movie while the Mistress fills two glasses filled with piss and then…. starts to shit into the third glass and then to the fourth!!During the shit the Mistress gets dirty, needs a toilet slave that with the tongue cleans everything … Do you want to be clean?Two glasses of shit and two of piss, the meal for the toilet slave is complete, just left with a spoon, open the mouth and do the eat & drink

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Rachel Evans Piss 001

Pornstar Rachel Evans in pissing action. Wearing a nice personal string she starts to do some pissing for a slave. She wants him to drink and swallow everything, and afterwards she orders him to clean the floor.

Beautiful Sluts Loves Taste Of Fresh Pee

Beautiful sluts loves taste of fresh pee