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My Husband Is A Pimp & I Punished Him! – Full Movie

I just got out of the shower and was doing house chores when I heard the door bell, my husband has a visitor.. Its probably one of his friends. He calls me in and was entertaining a stranger whom I have never met before, little did I know that this fucker is pimping me out to the stranger! I screamed at him and I was mad. The stranger left in a hurry.. Later that evening, I seduced him over the dinner table. After that I punished him with my PISS and SHIT all over his face! HE HAD IT FUCKING COMING TO HIM!

Scat Coffee On The House In Hd (wmv)

You love my coffee, and you ask how is it so good every single time. I tell you its a secret,you wouldn’t want to know. But eagerly You ask to see it in action so I take of my panties and I squat, I open my ass so that you can see how its REALLY made, the soft serve ass chocolate smoothly leaves my ass and fills your cup. There is one last drop and walla..You breathe in its rich bold scent and I add the hot water and tell you to drink up. #ourlittlesecret

Caged Domestic Cattle Feeding Time

This domestic mistress has two slaves prisoner in a cage which is barely big enough for 1 slave! Today she is busy and she doesn’t even bother to let them out of their cage, but instead serves them sweet golden nectar in a bowl. Each are ordered to poke their head out of the cage to take it in turns to slurp from their mistresses dish!