Japanese Girl Shitting Inmouth

Full Toilet For 2 Girls In The Sauna

Girls like to humiliate a slave in the sauna and use him as a toilet. Adelina leads the slave on a leash like a dog and makes him sniff their smelly asses. Alexandra laughs at the slave and spits in his mouth. The girls suffer for a long time and din’t go to the toilet since yesterday to feed the hungry slave. Girls filled the slave’s mouth with delicious diarrhea and made the slave eat all shit and suffocate from the smell. The slave was very difficult – but he likes it!

Mistress Margo Offer Her Delicious Royal Kaviar

Mistress Margo strike again ! She made another scat feeding movie ! She use her toilet in her room, facesitting him, trampling him and destroy him. Then she get her shit on a plate and offer him for eating, while he stroke his cock. Another nice good feeding with gloves. Soon…..movie with Mistress Luna using her toilet…..and more with GlamyAnya !!!

Peeing In The Toilet

Peeing in the toilet (JJ000178)

Jessy And Diana At The Hotel With Her Private Toilet Slave P3

Now all the words are said, the Ladys relaxing at the room from the Hotel and the slave has to wait till one of the lady has to pee or poo. The toilet slave for sure swallow all.