Lesbian Piss Party Compilation

Lisa Marie’s Funky Debut!!

Another new month and you know what time it is!! Yes indeed 2018 is rounding out as the Best year EVER!!! So much great new content and so many great new ladies!! I have blessand fortunate to bring newer and newer refreshing young talent in the game, and today’s newest attraction is sure please!! Say Hello to Lisa E Marie!! Lisa is refreshing new face at Ladies Keeping It Funky. She has a body that is out of this world!! She is eager to please and more than willing to share her daily Duty with us all!!! Enjoy her first four clips, a mixture of Peeing an ploppage From Lisa Marie at home!! This young hottie has curves that are sure to become one of your new favorites as she gets more and more comfortable on film.

Princess Mia Decided To Play With Her “toilet’ Again

She tightly tied him to the board and attached dildo-face to his forehead. First, she spat in the face of this dirty pig, laughed at him, scoffed. Then she smeared her sweet hole and sat down on the dildo, sat on his face, laughed and groaned, while slapping on the chest of the sleazeball. Then she wanted to take a dump. She stood over the face of her toilet and made his mouth full, laughed at the loser, who couldn’t not even stir and took everything in his mouth. Princess Mia wanted to smear her shit on the dirty face of a worm. She sat down on his stomach, spat and began to smear her shit on the face of this toilet slave. This pig wanted to puke, but Mia covered his mouth, laughed and spat on his face.


Oh, today my little toiletslave have to let me piss all over his skinny body . Ofcourse i want hin to drink a lot of my golden pee. So he had a very very lot of my piss all over him.


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