Old Men Eat Shit

Pee In A Cup Extreme Close Up

The video starts with Deria wearing blue jeans and very desperate to pee.  She talks about how bad she has to pee and she holds herself and crosses her legs, owing more desperation.  She then smiles and says that she doesn’t want to use the toilet but she wants to pee in her pants.   After some time of desperation and having more water,she has to pee your pants. Standing with the front of her jeans facing the camera, she pees her jeans.  She moans and sighs with relief when she pees and talks about how good it feels.  Ends showing her soles to the camera and says touch my feet.  

Leather-clad Bitches Shit All Over Each Other! – Full Movie

Wearing nothing but shiny leather on their hot bodies, these babes get down and dirty on the floor. After stimulating each other’s assholes, they shit all over each other and smear the feces all over their skin! They roll around on the floor, enjoying the feel of shit on their bodies!

I Piss Off!

I had so desperately horny that I wanted to hold out longer, so wants to get out more!Really cool 🙂 hehe

My Shit Nibble

Too bad you were not there to eat you, because it was yummy crap with applesauce. Well you maybe another time time time to eat with me. Be here now about how I suck a nice sausage and eat it for pleasure.