Pee And Forced

Toilet Time 32 – 33

My little asshole fired creamy turd “bullets” like there was no tomorrow in this one. Includes some nice & messy wiping action (it sometimes happen that you shit a little again suddenly while wiping hehe) This you can see in Toilet Time 32Have you ever taken such a soft & explosive shit in your life that some of it ended up splattering on top of the toilet seat? Of course not, but I’m quite good at it as you can see in this one from Toilet Time 33. Even marked the action for you in red in photo 14 and 15…

Under The Desktop Poop Session Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Extreme Public Piss Drinking On The Lake, In Front Of 30 Masturbating Tensioners!

The 6th part of my public bathing lake action from 23.07.16 on Lake Wachendorf. After countless guys had stuffed my mouth and filled me with richly sperm and piss, I wanted even more! I am also insatiable. But most of the bathers did not dare, watched and just jerked their cocks. So I first went on with my Vibroei, my pussy worked until I sprayed again in the High-Arch. Then one of the spectators had to piss and he dared, fortunately, to me and then he pissed me, in front of the jerks, a huge load of piss, into my mouth, which I naturally, greedily ejaculated! I also gurgled with the piss in my mouth, before I swallowed it completely! Any man who wanted, could use me at this extreme public action, dirty, stuff my mouth deep and fill me with sperm and piss. Look at it and you know what I mean.

Submissive Babe Squirts Shit!

She can’t wait for her Dominatior to come out of the elevator. She couldn’t contain her excitement anymore so she rubs her ass on the floor. Moments later, she squirts liquid shit out of her leather panties and let is spray all over the floor.