Pee Beach Lesbian

Sable’s Easter Basket!!

Sable decided to leave a little special treat!!! She’s getting more and more comfortable in front the camera and felt like getting a litte extra FUNKY this easter weekend!! Enjoy as she Squats to take a quick dump over the toilet. She wasn’t done there, enjoy as she drops to all fours to unleash more snakes from her booty!! This woman really makes Massive Piles!!! Enjoy as she escorts this full plate to the toilet for flushing. Don’t you wish she served you instead? In the third scene, enjoy as she gets the urge just in time before she hopped in the shower. NOTHING is worse then having to shit right after a hot shower!! But all is avoided as Sable lifts her towel and makes a nice Bowl of Poop! Ummm don’t you want some of this delicious meal?!!!

Mistress Gaia – Juicy Tease

I have my slave kneeling on the floor waiting for me to arrive to give him some training. I bring him to the foot of my throne where he will worship me and lick my shoes. He has to show respect and obedience, if he pleases me I will consider his reward. If not I’ll make him endure my bullwhip. After licking my shoes, I order him to lie on his back, I remove my shoes and get him to worship my feet. With my foot in his mouth, I can see his cock is getting hard and I begin to tease my bitch. I also allow him to play with his cock as I know he is desperate to cum. However, not yet… I remove my jacket and leggins, and once again give him some more foot in mouth teasing. While stand over him and get him to open his mouth to receive my juicy spit. My bitch has been quite obedient and it’s time for his reward. I sit over him with my pussy in his face and get him to kiss it. I then tell him to open his mouth and I give him my deliciously warm pee. He’s a fortunate bitch to enjoy the luxury of tasting my delicious amber nectar in this ultimate juicy tease…

Slave Fed With Puke, Piss & Shit! – Part 1

The girls taste the creamy vile soup they created and decides that something is not quite right. They make him swallow the rest of him and make him determine what it needs – more piss or more puke? They also want him to test the quality of their shit, so they take a dump right on his face and body and make him decide if it’s good enough!

Peeing Inside Her Pussy

Peeing inside her pussy (JJ000652)