Peeing On Daughter

Mistress Gaia – Pov Toilet Games

Mistress Gaia allows us to get the slave’s perspective… down below, with our head in the toilet chair. Talking to us, telling us what we are, what we deserve. Telling us what we need, what she’s going to donate us… Today is only a lot of golden nectar. Tomorrow… maybe more (chocolate…).

Pissing Thru A Funnel

Pissing thru a funnel (JJ000708)

Dirty Party 01

Princess Nikki and her friend Princess Anna piss in slaves dirty mouth for the beginning of the party. For Princess Vivian-what a black hair and big tits cutie-pissing is not enough. She shits a big load in slaves disgusting mouth. Shiting on cam for her frst time!

Lolli Plugged In The Ass

Hmmm … a delicious Schokololli. A customer has requested a tasty lollipop. … Hmmm what a great feeling !!