Piss And Shit Drinking

Autumn Poops, Pees And Prolapses At The Movies

Hi fellas, yesterday I was on my way into the movie theater to see the new Underworld film and stopped for a quick pee and then oopsie realized i had to poopsie!!! LOL Anyway I figured I would share my quick adventure with you and give you a fun lil POV video. In this clip you really get to see a glimpse of my gaping cunt and prolapsed shit hole! Enjoy!!

White Panties. Brown Massacre – Part 4

Shit was everywhere, so many shit, in my kitchen, in my bathroom, if iwould be more lucky, I could literary take a bath and swim in it, especially in the end of my scat session, I vomited, made pain to myself, ate ahes from cigarettes. I was so full that day, that shitted my soul out, of course I was wearing white panties, and when I finished eating shit, inserting it in my pussy, shitfucking myself I fall into this brown mass and slept like a child. Very dirty one.

Constipated Mistress!

You can see in her face that is it not easy to push out her constipated shit which needs pushing and pushing to get out. We get the benefit of a double camera to see both ends of the action. We see her grimaced face and her expanding asshole as she finally delivers her shit into the waiting mouth of her crossed-dress slave!

Pissing In My Green Thong

Come and you look at, very close as I beautiful in my green thong for you pisse.Ich pointing that it would please you if you now could lie underneath it to catch on with the mouth.