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Shit-party On The Beach

Shit-party on the beach. 4 young girls fed a shit adult-married slave!

2 Kg Huge Shit And Piss In A Bowl

Godess was so full of piss and shitty diarrhea today and she must relive asap. She get a bowl for keep her piss and Diarrhea warm, until the toilets will arrive to drink it. A nice quantity of piss and shit Goddess produce today ! Can aproximate at 2 kg. You can handle that to ingest slave ?

Peeing On His Feet

Peeing on his feet (JJ000062)


For every work I have a slave ? some who clean, some who fill up my account and fun slaves where I can do my sadistic workout. But if a cleaning slave does not work, he is degraded to a fun slave. He could never imagine to be a toilet and feel hard pain. Look how he is screaming and choking! Scat, Pee, Spitting