Pissotieres Hommes

Black Skirt And Tights

Black skirtPeePoo

I Shit In The White Jeans

First,i Piss in my white Jeans,then i must shitting…..he comes hard shitting,ah,then comes more shit,very big!! I smeared my Ass and Jeans with the shit fully!! Then you see my Jeans full with shit!!

Pooping On Leather Chair

I just woke up and have to take another huge poopy! I decide to use my leather high chair for this one as I straddle the chair backwards. And oh! What a nasty one…I had broccoli last night 😉

‘hd’ ‘breastmilk And Pee’

I put some breastmilk on my hand and take a piss on that. First through my panties and then I pull them aside and pee some more.