Poop Eat Vomit Cum

Preparing Shit Hot Dog

So you like watching me poop, huh? That your eventual, perverted fantasy? Or are you even nastier – do you wish you could taste it on your tongue as you cum? I bet you’re the type who even snoop on girls on the toilet, aren’t you? Either way, you’re quite pathetic for being so into this – but who am I to not entertain you? Touch your small dick through your jeans for me – feel yourself getting hard as I preparing a taste dinner for you, watch me shit on your plate – and follow my instruction, loser, you’re only allowed to free your cock from your pants and cum to the sight and smell of me and taste my disgusting shit – your pleasure and your orgasm belong to me. ?

Broken Toilet 31 – Eat All My Turds!

Women have the gift of life, or do they? I put it to the test for a few days and I have PROVEN that our beautiful female bodies can truly support life. How? By letting my male slave eating NOTHING except my bowel movements directly from my ass!For several days I have taken all food away from my slave. Only I got to eat all the delicious meals to feed my beautiful female body. Eventually when my body is done with the food and I need to take a shit THAT becomes the meal for my slave in order to feed his body with.Ladies, I have proven our female bodies can truly support life. By letting your slave literally eat your bowel movement when you take a shit your body is literally feeding & supporting his body. It gives new meaning to the phrase “Ass to mouth” doesn’t it?After 7 large meals over the past two days I was holding it in my slave was starving. Watch as I’m laying naked on the bed being filmed from two angles taking a massive shit. You have to excuse my load moans, it was extreme pleasure & relieve lolThen watch as my slave eats my shit from my bottom & inner thighs bite for bite, turd for turd in FULL view until there is absolutely NONE left. He even scraped the last soft she from between my buttocks & asshole and put it on top of the last firmer turd he ate in full view.As I was laying there completely naked seeing & feeling him eat my ENTIRE bowel movement I could feel my vagina soaking the sheets underneath from my huge arousal. Like any good toilet slave he licked my bottom & asshole clean afterwards. This took a long time because it was messy but I LOVE having my ass eaten & licked so I enjoyed it a LOT!This 16 minute Broken Toilet episode is a must have as I’m completely naked in this one, moaned from pure pleasure of taking such a big shit and in full close-up view you can see my slave eating every last bit of my shit. I LOVE my life! xoxo

Scat Kv Halloween German Slave

214.2 Look, think and after write me abouth. When a slave loose my BIG TURD it easy to understand that I’m not happy. In ENGLISH. I do not punish this slave by wipping just because he say me before to come by me in Sardinia he can not have torture. But, he know, i punish him in the next days and in the next movies (we do) by cerebral punishment and psicological too, into video 215 and 216 that i will publish here on Yezz. My english is very bad, i hope you can understand what i mean. MP4