Pread Ass Pee

Look At How He Eats

It is amazing, how many slaves try to resist to eat my shit and in the end do it anyway. This here previously said he could swallow only the shit of Miss Jane. This is of course not, so I shit into his slaves mouth, but the Loser brings it out immediately. We left him in believing, that this is totally ok and he has to swallow only the caviar of Miss Jane. So she pisses and shits into his mouth, but while he strangles her shit down we have had put into his mouth also everything, he previously spat out… *smile*.

Shitting For 5 Minutes Continuously

Godess put a new pair of panty and excite me so much. She order me to put my new lips and keep my mouth open wide until she finish to fill it with her hot shit, After 5 minutes, job done ! She was so happy by result . ..

Sexy Secretary Pisses Into The Bathtub – Mp4

Karina just came home from a long day in the office and is still wearing her business outfit – but she needs to get out of these clothes now – as she really needs to pee! And she’s doing it right in the bathtub. Her stream is so long and steady that nearly the whole bottom of the tub is filled with her pee!