Pressure Piss

Feeding You Plate With Huge Smelly Shit!

In sexy black lingerie I struggle to keep in my poo until I couldn’t handle it anymore, and my giant load poured right out of my helpless asshole. As a subject I took a doll today. I hope you have already introduced yourself in its place? I will scoff at her, trample and beat her to the point of exhaustion. I’m a sophisticated sadist. Now it will be covered by a huge portion of my shit. I shit on a plate with doll – and it is a Massive shit! Huge and Heavy piece of shit, feels like a whole portion of meal for you. Starts out thick and hard and slowly oozes out at the end. My ass is dirty now. Lick it clean, my toilet slave!You liked the taste of my dirty ass? That’s just a delicious. I show you my shit up close and entice you to sniff it, then lick it. Don’t shy your desires. My shit tastes good! Can you eat it? Come on, just take a bite out of it. I know you’re gonna love eating my huge smelly shit

Mistress Roberta- Pooping View In My Bathroom -pov

In this morning even if i yawn a bit i am giving you a normal view of me pooping and peeing in my bathroom in a normal morning so enjoy !

Kitchen Poop And Other Garbaje Part 4 Hd 1080

Girls uses Man