Psycho Girl Plays With Shit

Dressing Doll With Feces! – Part 2

Part 2 – After pissing on the doll, the sweetheart plays with it for a brief period of time! She then finger fucks her asshole to make herself defecate and cover the toy with her feces! When she could no longer release anymore, she gathers a chunk of her poop and then serves it inside her mouth for her to chew and swallow! After which, she concentrates her attention on her now feces-coated doll which she plays with to her heartÂ’s content!

Are You Ready To Eat My Shit? – Mp4

Imagine you are my little dog on a leash. I’m going to give you your food, but first you’ll have to like the soles and smell my feet.

Myla And Her Shit

Here is Sweetheart Myla, she does a fantastic stinky poo on a plate, she is a real shitloving girl from Spain!!!