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Two Ladies Vomiting Inside Teacher’s Mouth! – Full Movie

When these ladies could no longer handle their teacher’s behavior, they finally decide to plot a plan to punish him! In this situation, they put it into action! What they do is catch him in a vulnerable position during the end of class and then bring him into a spare room where they proceed to lay him on the floor and then simultaneously urinate on his face! When they couldn’t release anymore, they take turns feeding him with their pussies and smothering him with their crotches! It didn’t take long before they got bored and perform a different form of torment! Both of them start eating bowls of porridge. When they are done, they proceed to puke in the victim’s mouth! Eventually, realizing that they are making too much mess, they use a makeshift funnel! At this point, the guy is left swallowing everything they vomit! The only time the dominatrixes stop is when they could no longer release anymore!

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This woman is just inside her bedroom when an intruder came inside in the middle of the night and tried to take advantage of her! Luckily, she is a dominatrix and she knows how to handle these kinds of situations! Without much effort, she is able to turn the favor around! She lays the guy on the bed and then pins him down by sitting on his face! She smothers him with both her crotch and asshole before pulling her panties aside and pissing on him! She later puts him on a seated position and then further showers him with her urine! When she couldn’t release anymore, she throws him on the floor and then sits on his face again! Shortly after, without getting up, she puts him in a position in such a way that she can suck his dick! When she is confident that he is about to reach orgasm, she settles with a handjob until he releases his load! She makes sure to spread his load all over his body! Leaving him wet from both piss and cum!

Unloading Piss & Shit On Pathetic Slave! – Part 2

She continues to wield the whip, lashing it on his body here and there. When she’s ready to scat, she squats over him and unloads a mean pile on his face. She makes sure that he eats each and every morsel of her feces.