Shit Desperation Accident

Urine In Bed

I sl**t. My girlfriend wants to w**e me u*, that would go pee. I do not want to get up and continue to drink water. I can not bear it and pee in my jeans. The entire bed becomes wet. I sniff the bed. You stink strong. Now I have to sleep on a wet bed.

Oxana: Nylon Poop Servant

Blow down panty servant! You’ll now lick and inhale the smellypanties and my pussy ! For as long as I want! Oh, they are too dirty for you? Do you really think I care?! You’ll lick them until they’re absolutely clean!You will lick inside them!

Come On Let’s Lick My Fully Shit Panties Clean Together

I had a very full intestine again and just had to get rid of it and let free run in my panties. My shit pressed itself so through the panties that it was already a horny feeling to feel it on my ass. And now I want you and me to lick my dirty panties nice and clean. How dare you lick this mess clean with me?

Pee Pur-measuring Cup

You know how so I’m a little pee-bitch who likes fresh piss from strangers trinkt.So an acquaintance gave me pissing in the measuring cup because I’m drunk empty habe.Na would you like it if I would try your piss too?