Shit On Guy Face Roof

Pooping In Aluminium Plate

I’m in squatting position, poop and pee in an aluminum plate (type 2 of Bristol chart). I filmed with the camera very close to my ass (my face is not visible). Then I zoom the camera so you can see the details of my poop.

Assfuck And Fucked Dildo Blown

I oil my ass a plug me an anal plug to stretch my ass and then I put a monster dildo in the ass and ride it until the brew comes and blow the dildo afterwards

I Piss And Shit In My Sexy Hotpants

My white hotpants,sexy and full from my Piss!! Ah so worm and then comes the shit!! I smearing on my Ass and the Hotpants are full from my Piss and shit!!Come and licking all this good KV and NS….