Shit On Mauth

Triple Slave Feeding

I am enjoying my chocolate while my 3 slaves are craving chocolate as well. Well I am after all a generous Princess, and so I will for sure feed them with chocolate. Maybe not the kind you buy in the stores, but fresh digested through my Princess body. So I take place, and give all 3 of them a sold piece of chocolate to enjoy. We are not talking small pieces, but 3 full size logs in each mouth! While they are enjoying my bodily sweets, I throw my tampon on the floor as a desert for them. One lucky slave also get a desert after a chocolate meal!

They Sealed The Business Deal By Drinking Piss!

The two bosses are trying to outwit each other in sealing the business deal. Neither one refuses to bow down to the other. I have a splendid idea, says the female boss. Why don’t we seal this deal with something more satisfying? I know you like drinking piss, she says to the male boss. So she entices him further by playing with his balls and sucking his cock. She takes off her panties and sits on his eager face. A few moments later, warm pee gushes down from her cunt to his throat. He drinks all of it greedily, satisfied with how this transaction turned out.

Golden Shower 49

Golden Shower Deluxe for Pissmaul Joschi! Lying in the bathtub must be full of piss face by Princess Blondie and drink her golden nectar also Joschi.

Pissing 9

The Pissing-Queen Lucilla messed up uses a glass table as a toilet. Lying under the glass table you can watch one’s activities and enjoy as its golden rain lashes on you.