Shit Sult In Garden

Madame Du B’s Shit Brownies

Scat queen Madame Du B makes one of her toilet slaves a special chocolate treat. She whips up a nice batch of chocolate brownies made with her very own special ingredient…a nice heaping helping of her sloppy smelly shit. What a delicious treat for any toilet slave to enjoy. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter @Ms_Du_B. You can now get Madame Du Bs delicious chocolate treats sent to you for your eating enjoyment.

Super Sexy Big Butted Model

So this one was a ton of fun. I had been working on her for sometime. She’s a model and she’s super pretty. She called me the night before and agreed to shit in my mouth. She told me she had a full solid load and she was gonna hold it for me. I asked her to wear heels and thigh highs and look sexy for me and boy did she not disappoint. She was hot. We met at a hotel room. I set up my lighting and cameras while she changed. Her ass tasted as good as it looked. She was amazing. Every time I tongued her asshole I could feel her big turds against my tongue and they tasted soooo good. I couldn’t wait for her to start pushing. She finally delivered and it tasted amazing as it filled up my mouth, I was able to swallow a good amount.

Ladies Give Their Victim Mouthfuls Of Piss! – Part 1

As soon as these two sweethearts brought their victim into their dungeon, they make him strip off his clothes! When he is left with only his underwear, they lay him on the floor and then begin urinating all over his body including his face! When the guy learned of the ill fate he has gotten himself into, he tries to get up and escape, however, one of the dominatrix is quick to step on his body and pin him on the ground! To make things worse, she orders him to open his mouth, allowing the other sweetheart to piss in his mouth and make him swallow!

P – Mw – Drink My Pee And Swallow My Spit – 01 – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 5:47. Weronika using a man as a human toilet. She pee to his mouth and spit to them.