Shit While Scissor

Shit By Stimulation!

This couple sure loves their shit-smeared sexy times, but today she is having a really hard time taking a dump! Not to worry, says her man. He takes out their trusty vibrator and rubs it on her pussy and asshole. After a few minutes of intense stimulation, she finally ejects a small mound of shit on the towel. She will have a harder time producing more, she says. He tells her it’s enough for tonight, the shit is enough to smear both their faces and they can fuck wild with their shit mask on!

Poop-compilation! 30 Big Turds!

Here you can see how I shit 30 times and thereby produce nice big pile’s of shit!

7.164 Shitting With Red Shoes

7.164 I’m just shitting with my beautifull red shoes….

Outdoor Turd

Great Outdoor turddouble feature scene!!