Shit Woman Toilet

Extremely Used By Women As Shit Hole

Imagine that you are locked under the floor or buried in the ground… Only your head or face looks out. Your mouth is just a hole. A hole in which many women shit in! You do not do it because it makes you fun, but because I educate you! This video is based on a true story. The slave is made during an intensive instruction to be absolutely submissive and obedient. To obey and do whatever you command him to do. Above all, to eat everything that falls into his mouth. The sight of my soles and perfect feet with red toenails makes him crazy. The harder I humiliate him the deeper he falls into my spell. The instructions and detailed description of what would happen to him would make every slave eat my shit on the spot. After that mercilessly shit several times in his mouth. His head is defenseless in a wooden box with a cutout for his face. Where we stand on it, squat over it and shit in his mouth. Regular after sport, after disco, work, just when I or my girlfriends have to shit. As a matter of course, he opens his mouth over and over again. He can not help it because he is damned to be my toilet. His whole life!


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Tongue Toilet Paper

I have shit on the floor, and my slave is going to clean my ass with his tongue ! Because he is my tongue toilet paper . Nex time I will shit directly in his mouth, but now YOU have to eat my shit from the ground !