Shitting Anal Hole Fuck

The Human Toilet -part 1.

If you have fantasies about extreme Female Domination, being totally bound and unable to move, with your head encased in a toilet with a funnel leading directly into your mouth and then used as a Human Toilet, by a large group of thirty sexy, depraved and perverted Japanese Mistresses, then you should enjoy this clip.Part 1 starts with one sexy mistress after another pissing and shitting into the human toilets mouth, each mistress also use another male slave as toilet paper, in extended scenes of arsehole worship and rimming and cleaning the shit out of the mistress arsehole !!By the time part one is finished, the human toilet is clogged half full with piss and shit, and the pathetic male slaves mouth is filled with shit !!Warning !! very extreme and depraved !!

3 Goddesses – Drink Their Piss And Eat Their Kaviar For Real

The best movie with 3 Goddesses who oblige me to drink their piss or eat their shit till the end. Only here a real action and a real chewing and swallowing Goddesses shit and piss, not any FAKE action!! Goddess klaviar (from the first movie of this selection) is the best kinky and bizarre Scat Domme from Romania and she is back again to work with our slaves from our studio. She just made a deal with us and agree to shoot more movies in the future, all with full toilet consumption!! She put her toilet slave in the bathroom, with head in the wc area and she shit directly a long turd into his mouth. With a bottle of milk near her, she just order the pathetic worm to eat her divine shit while thinking is a cake . . She help him with milk, and she also put her hand inside his mouth to hurry up the process of ingestion. Another Goddess is a well known one here and she order the slave to drink her piss and humiliate him with her heels on cock and balls(she is the best good-looking Goddess from Romania by the way). The 3-rd Goddess is also a well known Domme who agreed to make a SINGLE scat video with her pissing, shitting and feeding a slave until he eat EVERYTHING. It’s an EPIC compilation of those 3 Goddesses and you cannot miss that from your scat collection. From now, The Goddess Kaviar will make more movies (hope weekly – price will be a little bit higher – because the action will be with real scat swallowing) but stay in touch on our shop to not miss them. Only in them you can watch how the toilets really eat and ingest her feces, without any FAKE action of swallowing (like others does) !!! We thank you for your understanding and for your help if you will continue to buy our movies and help us with our shop

Tall Rachel Drops A Nice One Wmv

Tall long legged Rachel stops by to drop a nice healthy smelly shit load in the slave boys face. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats

The Peed On Snooping Cur

Lady Chantal and Miss Atrax were on the way to their studio as they find a dipshit snooping around. The ladies bring him into their studio and give him what he deserves. The two ladies have a lot of fun.