Shitting And Puking Asian

Used As Toilet

I really have to go to the toilet. Whats better to use for that need than a slave? I sit on the chair and look pretty bored while peeing, just the way I’d look if I would sit on the toilet. Who cares if there s a slave lying under me? If a pretty girl wants to pee her sub has to obey. Suddenly I realize that I also have to poop. I spit in his mouth and put the poop in. I want him to swallow it! Afterwards I pull my slip down throw it at my toilet and spit on him. I walk away and leave him all dirty and used.

Sorry For This Pee Clip

Yes, I have to apologize in advance. Because the Assi-WG has once again beat. After some proseccos too much was not only the bubble at HollyBanks and me too crowded, but probably us. Because we could barely hold on to laughing and almost fell off the chair. That is also a pussy-Pups solved then the coronation. Fun pure in our Assi-WG … ..Sorry for it !!

Shit And Vomit Show

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