Shitting He Oilet

You Like Big Assholes? Eat Shit

Hi there. So, you’ve liked my big asshole so much, you’ve decided you want to eat my poop. Ha ha ha, you’re a naughty boy aren’t you? You want my tasty turd in your dirty mouth? You want to taste me? I tell you what a jerk you are before you eat my poop, and how flavorful my shit is going to be for you when you eat it. I know you want to have my shit inside you, don’t you. Well, you are going to get your wish, you lucky boy. And if anyone ever knew you liked to eat shit from big assholes they would think you are bad, and dirty, and gross. But I understand. In fact… I love it, my toilet ?

Eat The Shit

Well the slave, I see you won’t be appeased in the desires in any way, to serve as my toilet. Today such day and I will fill your mouth with shit, but before I will torment and torture you a little bit. You will lick my asshole so far I won’t tell you stop. Today your successful day! Now open a mouth more widely and be going to accept shit from my ass. Lick my shity ass, lick it better, you are a toilet and has to eat shit!

Mistress Roberta -yogurt Feeding And Shit Fucking Part 1

Today my slave will have a nice surprise . I take a bowl of yougurt put it on my pussy and everything is dropping my slave must eat so a bit of pee a bit of yougurt a bit of pussy juice all with that creamy yogurt in the and i order my slave to lick the yogurt clean off my pussy with the tongue and after i wipe it and give him the paper .

Toilet Relax Lil Squirting

Just wake up I run to the bathroom … and now sitting on my throne completely natural without makeup… starts to caress myself … always stronger … until you have a squirting orgasm and …. oh my god. .. I really have to … A nice video … for extreme fetishists…