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Venus Back-to-backfires And Mudslides!!

Venus is by my hottest new FUNKY lady!!! She is back with Two more explosions for you!!! ENjoy as she begins by shaking and spreading that sexy chocolate ass before sitting down to take a runny mudslide dump. Enjoy as her boyfriend lifts her TP after she wipes to show us the hidden stash of FUNK. In the second scene, he barely gets to her in time as she had to rush to let out an even more loose dump!! It was almost like she was peeing brown shit out her ass the way it squirted out!! The smell was attrocious according to her boyfriend’s description, so much so she tried to mercy flush as even she couldn’t stand it!!! It was one of those needs more than one flush runny dumps however! It’s just a steady case of mudbutt for poor Venus. But fortunately she has such a loving, nuturing boyfriend there to massage her cheeks while she is shitting, and also there to help her wipe when she is finished. This man is living the dream, we just get the pleasure of living it with him!! What I would give to be there to help her clean up her Mess!!

Princess Mia

Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves. Humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing

Our Shit For Your Pleasure

Four girls depositing their shit in this toilet just for you. See their ass hole stretch as they push out their poop.