Sister Pee In Each Ot Her Mouths

I Pee In Red Pants

Watch me as I empty my pretty full bladder in tight, red pants. It looks totally hot, as the pants are getting darker and darker thanks to my piss;).

Threesome In Toilet Slavery With Our Godess

After a period in which the mistress was occupied, she returned to filming more kinky and bizarere and has called her two slaves to humiliate them. First she ordered them to masturbate, beating them over their body, penis, balls, then put them down next to each other and stepped on their body with high heels. Then she made a big shit through her transparent/seethrough panties, shit that began to drain into their hungry mouths. They were allowed to cumm at the end.

Pooping Princesses Daily Routine!!

Enjoy as I take a nice long pee and dump in the morning while Dumping Darling records as usual. It seems I am taking too long, as my darling has to let out her morning pee while she records. Once I finish, taking my time of course, she gets to hurry and take a nice long piss in the toilet as well. A nice doubleheader from both Pooping Princesses!!