Spy Gril Pooping

Mistress Roberta Beating Trampling And Shit Feeding

Mistress Roberta just relaxing today when her toilet arrived. She was wearing a blue catsuit and bra. She get a chocolate and begin to feed her toilet from her foot. After the first feeding she get a cane and begin to beat him everywhere. Mistress order her toilet to lay down on the floor and keep his mouth open wide to receive his second feeding for today ! She piss on him and shit on his mouth and new lips. At the end, she put a hose mask on his shit face and waiting for him to swallow the shitty dinner.

Eat My Shit, Worm!

I love to shit in my slave’s mouth… And of course he must swallow it all!

Shitty Pussy

Mistress Raw Desires is feeling extra freaky in this shit scene..She shakes her ass and shits while moaning and laughing. she then picks up a chunk of the shit and rubs it on her phat pussy…this is a must see.

Pissing To Sink, Full

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